Shock – Robin Cook : 4/52

After law, I picked medicine.


Again, a page turner. But maybe because it was set in 2001, I found a lot of ‘loopholes’ in the plot. Many things seemed too easy. But again, hey, this is one of those books you enjoy, don’t question.

Two girls sell their eggs for money and spend it on a) A wise investment- an apartment b) A wise investment- a studying/working holiday in Venice. But I couldn’t understand the urgency with which they just had to find out the fate of their eggs the moment they landed back home after two years. That urgency wasn’t very well explained. Or was it? And again, the very elaborate plan to get a job at the infertility center just to access the server to get the information, I found that a bit stretched. But maybe curiosity does that to you. And given the deep dark secrets of that infertility center, it seemed just too easy, getting jobs ( and elaborate explanations ) without so much as a background check. The psycho security officer and his assistant also seemed a bit too easy and contrived. But the secrets that the clinic held, they were downright scary. And as with all Robin Cook books,this book makes you a) Google a few medical terms to learn more b) think twice before you visit a hospital the next time

But thrilling, it was. The open ended climax was a bit of an anti climax. but that’s the way such things should be left. After all, bioethics is an open ended topic.