Twenty Twenty

New year, old resolutions.

I’ve decided to cut down time on that hellsite because the toxicity and more so, the wokeness is getting to me. So I’m back here trying to recreate the 2015 magic.

Read more books. Yeah, right. But let’s see.

Read one longread piece a day. Just one.

Finish that damn Russian course. Iffy.

No shopping. Doable once I uninstall all the apps.

Do not Swiggy. No. Just don’t. No. Don’t.

Cook. Start using all those fancy kitchen appliances that are collecting dust.

Exercise for 30 minutes a day. No, maybe just 15 minutes using one of those apps.

Start running like it is 2017. Remember how I did 5km almost every day during that phase? Iffy, but maybe.

Track expenses. Where is all my money going?! Invest, don’t just save.

Get all the fabric lying in the drawer converted into actual garments.

Set a doable list of things to do. So stop right now.

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