Thinner- Stephen King :28/52

A dieter’s dream? Nope.


You can take it two ways. Clean creepy horror or deep socialist message.

This fat rich whitemanfromtown lawyer is getting frisky with his wife in the car and runs over an ancient gypsy woman and kills her. The local policeman and the judge who sits on his case don’t take it seriously and let the killer lawyer off without any punishment. So justice is served, the Gypsy Way. Thinner, Scalier, Pimplier. While Scaly and Pimply surrender to their fate, Thinner goes on to fight it.

I swayed back and forth in my loyalties throughout the book. At one point I felt sorry for the poor fatman who keeps dropping pounds every day and is almost a skeleton by the time he reaches the gypsies to get the curse undone. But then when I read about how how badly the gypsies are treated, getting chased out of every town, getting their dogs killed, their cars exploded, I felt sorry for them. I wanted both sides to win.

Stephen King wrote this book as Richard Bachman, but you see his signature style all over the place.  But then his ego goes and describes Billy Halleck’s situation as ‘ a Stephen King novel’ .

This was not a nightmare inducing book. Just a creepy story that will make me think twice before brushing away the ‘lower classes’ next time.


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