Be Careful What You Wish For- Jeffrey Archer : 25/52

This is the Kyunki Saas Bhi… of the English fiction world. And now we have to wait another year to know who died. Again.


It is a extremely irritating, leaving the reader hanging for a year. I read the first three parts in one go and as tiring it was, there was some continuity. And then I had to wait a whole year to see whether Sebastian actually died in that accident. And spoiler!, he didn’t. What else did you expect anyway?

This book was about Sebastian, and Jessica who gets wasted (no, not that way) and a bunch of new characters whom you don’t fully get. What are they doing in the book? Harry gets not more than a couple of passing mentions and Giles, some. You tend to forget the back story of the characters from the previous installments. Why is Don Pedro Martinez so bent on destroying the Barringttons? Who is Alex Fischer and why is he the bad guy? What’s Lady Virginia still doing in this book?  And then you have to think hard to remember the Rodin statue and some war thing and a messy divorce that happened in one of those other three books. Everything is very superficial. Maybe the IRA was something big, but I somehow am not able to take them seriously as terrorists with a cause. Their role in this book seemed so contrived and plugged in.  Yawn.

And as with the other books, the nagging feeling that Emma and Harry might be siblings lingered throughout. I don’t care who lives or who dies, but I hope we get an clear answer and explanation to that in the final installment.



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