Untitled- To be published- Friend Author :5/52

I have this author whom I met on Twitter, someone who has published 4 books and has another 6 lined up for publication. She’s a writing robot. We once got chatting about food and she sent me the manuscript of her yet to be published book about food ( It is out next month). It was a special feeling to get a sneak preview of an unpublished book even though reading an entire novel on a Word document is not so much fun. Since then, I’ve been getting to read her work in progress.

Except for her  book that’s being launched next month, most of her work is young adult fiction, easy breezy stuff. This book , the Untitled one ( Actually, it does have a title) is a mix of both, young adult life full of college and crushes with a dash of seriousness.  Having read the book in bits and pieces, in a Word document, I lost track a few times, so when I got the completed version, I read it from the beginning. It left me feeling a bit heavy towards the end. I somehow focussed more on the heavy part and was curious about where that was going more than the cute college part. I did get a bit irritated when the crushguy kept coming in the way of the Real Story. The twists towards the end were totally unexpected, but then, that’s how I like my books. Unpredictable. And the end totally worked. Also, it did leave some scope for a sequel.

Looking forward to seeing this book in print soon.

5 thoughts on “Untitled- To be published- Friend Author :5/52

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